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Downloading Porn With Davo

...because everythings so blurry and everyones to fake...

A Boy Who Hates Anita, Reggie and "Frank"
23 April
My name is David. I'm 16 years old. I live in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. I'm a sophmore at GP South. I used to live in Brown City. I'm one of 8 kids. I have the best girlfriend in the world, Jess. Her LJ name is Dontmooatthecow. I love her so much. My best friend is Andrew, who also has a livejournal.

I hate Anita. She's my sister. Everyone hates her. I hate Reggie also. He's a dick. He moved up her from West Virgina and pressured Jess into making her do stuff she didn't want to do. So, therefor, I hate him. I hated him before he did what he did just because he would be a dick to me around Jess, but then be nice when she was gone. His goal this year was to break us up. He's a stupid hippy.